Jason Muir


Jason is quite literally a piece of the furniture at Haight Ashbury, having worked at the salon for over a dozen years now during his 20+ years in hairdressing. Jason is known for his fun & creative approach to his work, reflected in his hairdressing, service & conversation! Never one to shy away from a challenge, Jason loves to embrace change & will always encourage a creative twist to a hair style. A love of cutting, colouring & styling makes Jason a stylist for all

Outside of salon work, Jason has accumulated a vast & varied body of creative work throughout his career. Early years were spent doing loads of hair competitions & fashion/hair shows. Over the last few years he has taken this to the streets by producing a series of street theatre &
public art events all with a hairy twist! If that isn't enough, he also runs the salons barbershop (www.maverickonline.co.nz), check it out! Somewhere he finds time for his family, riding his bike & supporting his beloved Tottenham Hotspur… After a fun service with an awesome hairdo, get into Jason NOW!