Jani Hashim


Jani was born in Malaysia. Jani is pronounced Gianni (as in the Italian name).  He completed his hairdressing in Cologne, Germany where he obtained a diploma. 

Specialising in many areas including precision cutting on fine delicate hair, creative body waves, Curl relaxing treatment (Express Keratin Blow-out), Brush-on Colouring (Ballayage), Foilings and many more.

Jani has been in this industry since 1981 and is always keeping up with the up-to-date styling techniques.

Jani’s intersts are learning languages is a big part of his life. He still speaks and writes fluently in Bahasa Malaysia, English and German.  French language is still in progress but enough to get by. He enjoys playing golf as often as he can, and travelling the world is his yearly activity.